A-Z of Grand Challenge Ideas


Anniversary giving

Ask friends and family to celebrate your wedding or anniversary with a donation to the Grand Challenge.


Organise your own auction with items donated by family, friends and even local businesses.

Bake a cake

There’s nothing as tasty as homemade cakes sell them at work, school, church or to friends.


Organise a yummy barbeque and charge friends and family for entry. We can supply a collection box for donations, as well as leaflets and other DHT freebies to give away.


If you’re bingo barmy, this could be a great way to gather friends together and raise money for the Grand Challenge.


Take part in a sponsored bike ride.

Car boot sale

Hold a stall at your local car boot sale or organise your own garage sale.

Church group

If you’re an active member of your local church group, suggest the Grand Challenge to support for your next fundraising day.

Coffee morning

Get everyone together for refreshments and an introduction to this life-saving work.

Collection boxes

Get in touch if you’d like to organise a street collection or your local shop has agreed to put one at the check- out. You could even leave one in your home or work place for people to drop their change into.

Company giving

A company donation can make a substantial difference to our work, and as we’re a registered charity a donation could possibly qualify for Gift Aid meaning the company can claim tax relief. A local company could also sponsor your event and donate prizes.


At your birthday, wedding or other celebration ask for donations in lieu of gifts.

Dinner party

Hold a dinner party with everyone paying for a plate.

Dress up or down day

Ask colleagues to pay a donation to come to work in casual clothes, fancy dress or even wear an animal onesie for the day. Your school or university could also get involved.

Dog walking

Could you offer your services to a friend or colleague to walk their dog? Earn some spare cash and give a percentage to the Grand Challenge.


any type of event can be turned into a fundraiser, just use your imagination and organise a supportive group of helpers. Why not have a picnic with entry fee, a sponsored walk, treasure hunt, karaoke evening at your local pub, quiz night - the possibilities are endless!


However you choose to raise funds, please have fun doing it! Whether it’s a sponsored event or a supermarket collection, setting yourself a challenge and working with friends to achieve it can be really enjoyable.


Join us on Facebook and you can instantly meet DHT supporters in our regional fundraising groups to swap ideas, organise fundraising events and even get sponsorship for your event.

Film show

Get your friends round for a screening of the latest blockbuster and sell popcorn and beverages.

Games Night

Host a games night for all your friends.

Garden Party

Good food, some nice drinks and perhaps some games will get your guests in the mood for donating. Leave collecting tins at strategic points.

Gift Aid

We’re a registered charity so remember, if you are a UK taxpayer, to always choose the option to ‘Gift Aid’ your donation to us. It’ll help make your donation go even further.


Organise a gig at a pub or club with local bands, or how about a jazz/pop concert or comedy evening?

Going without

Be sponsored to go without social media, alcohol, junk food, smoking, swearing, chocolate, showering, spending money, ordering takeaways, your phone, or anything that you like doing.


Hold a local tournament with your friends or on a grander scale. Find an interesting handicap like playing with one eye closed to make it more interesting!


Push yourself to the limit and take on a 24 hour gaming marathon or a 24 hour dance workout.


Sell coffee and cakes for the Grand Challenge at your local baby group, craft club, walkers group or sports club.


Grow it, shave it or dye it and raise funds for the Grand Challenge.


What are you good at? Photography? Growing plants? Face painting? Hire your specialist services for charity or make something and sell it to raise funds.


Be as imaginative as possible; unique fundraising ideas are always a winner.

Jumble sale

Have a clear out at home, organise a jumble sale or garage sale and donate the profits to the Grand Challenge.

Justgiving.com Grand Challenge

An online fundraising page is the best way to maximise your donations as your friends and relatives around the world can sponsor you as easily as your next door neighbour.


At home or in your local pub, karaoke can be a great fundraiser and an excellent night out!

Local fundraising

If your group or society is active locally with fundraising for charities, tell them about the Grand Challenge and help animals and people at the same time.

Match Giving

Many employers now match the funds their staff give to charity. Talk to your employer about your fundraising and they might be willing to help.


It doesn’t have to be a marathon, any race or fun run will do so get into training and run for the Grand Challenge.


Climb a mountain, a hill or even tackle an ironing mountain and get sponsored for it!

Murder Mystery

Host a murder mystery game and charge for entry.


Hold a gig, rock/jazz/pop concert, disco, dance or ball.


A letter in your local newspaper appealing for like-minded people can be a great way to make contact with people interested in raising funds and awareness together.

Odd jobs

Offer to do odd jobs like cleaning cars or gardening for donations.

Parachute jump

If you have a head for heights and a sense of adventure, try a sponsored parachute jump.

Quiz night

Everyone loves a good quiz so host a brainiac quiz night and get your thinking caps on.


Hold a raffle with some excellent prizes donated by family, friends, colleagues, your employer and local businesses.


Whether it’s a run, walk, silence or bungee jump, think of a challenge and ask everyone you know to sponsor you.


Netball, cricket, golf, swimming, football, skateboarding, whatever gets you active can help the Grand Challenge.

Social Media

Boost your fundraising with Facebook and Twitter or start your own fundraising campaign - it could go viral!

Supermarket collections

Supermarkets are a great place to spread the word about non- animal brain tumour research and collect funds.

Treasure hunt

Organise an event around your town or your home with cunning clues for friends to decipher.

Tea party

Invite all your friends and charge them for some lovely home- made cakes.

Talent show

Showcase your talents and other local talent in your area, charge for entry and hold a raffle or auction to boost your fundraising.

Unwanted gift sale

Sell yours and your friends’ unwanted gifts with all proceeds going to the Grand Challenge.


Volunteer to wash your neighbours’ windows or cars for cash.

Vegetarian feast

Hold a veggie dinner party to help raise money for non-animal brain tumour research.

Waxing for Men Day

Get as many brave men as possible to have a part of their body waxed for donations.

Wheelbarrow racing

Set up races where one person is the wheelbarrow and the other the pusher.

Wine tasting evening

Watch the donations roll in as the wine rolls down.

Who’s the baby?

Get your colleagues to dig out their baby pictures and put them up in the tea room. Ask people to donate to guess who is who and give a prize for the winner.

Xmas jumper

Wear your Christmas jumper to work and get all your colleagues to pay £1.

Young people

You’ve got bags of energy and imagination, so use it to get involved with the Grand Challenge! Your friends at school, youth group, college or university could help you raise vital funds.

Yard sale

Car boot sale, garage sale or just a good old- fashioned jumble sale, have a clear out at home and donate the profits to the Grand Challenge.


Organise a sleepover with pizza, films and games or have a spa night with face packs and pedicures. Ask for donations in advance to go into a pot to fund the fun, and the surplus to help fund brain tumour research.

Top tip

Tie in your event with the seasons or special days/weeks to make them more appealing, memorable and last from January right through to December.

New Year

Start the year with a health kick and ditch the booze.

Valentine’s Day

Hold an ‘all you need is love’ themed disco or singles party night.


Organise a pancake eating competition or toddler Easter egg hunt.


Get chased by the un-dead in a zombie themed race or host a Halloween fancy dress party.

Bonfire Night

Hold a 5th November themed quiz with a raffle and spectacular fireworks show to finish of the night.


Arrange a carol singing service in return for donations or take part in a sponsored fun run dressed as Father Christmas.

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