Simple Ways to Fundraise for Brain Tumour Research

Raise vital funds at the click of a mouse, without really doing anything different!

Did you know that if you simply change the way you shop online you can raise pounds for Brain Tumour Research?  By choosing to shop via specific websites a percentage of your spend will go directly to Brain Tumour Research once you select us as your chosen charity.

UK shoppers spent a staggering £91billion in 2013 and look to spend £107billion in 2014. So when you shop online, please access your favourite high street retailers through  or, and you can be raising valuable funds for Brain Tumour Research with the simple click of your mouse, or touch on your tablet or smartphone.

eBay Fanatics Take Note

Are you a frequent eBayer? eBay provides a fantastic way to benefit the charity.  Simply log on to enter “Brain Tumour Research” into the search engine and the Brain Tumour Research page will list all the current items for sale.

Alternatively, you can use your own eBay page and click on the “sell” tab which will display an option labelled “Selling for charity” within the drop down menu.  You can then select “Brain Tumour Research” and choose the percentage you wish to donate per item sold.

He Who Dares...?

Dare to Donate is a fun, simple and modern way of raising money through JustGiving. It couldn’t be easier; download the app onto your phone or mobile device, link it up to your JustGiving page and start coming up with dares! Your friends, family and colleagues will be able to log on and chose a dare from ‘Mild’, ‘Risky’ or ‘Extreme’ in return for a donation relative to the level of dare. The perfect fundraising partner to our Conquer it Together campaign! 






Recycle & Declutter

Are you really keen on recycling or desperate to declutter?  There are several approved sites which allow you to get rid of your unwanted items whilst donating money to Brain Tumour Research.  So, for example, if you’ve replaced your mobile phone recently, you can donate your old model, even if it’s broken, by registering with follow the instructions to set up a donation to Brain Tumour Research and we’ll automatically receive £30 per mobile.  You can also donate used inkjet cartridges which are converted into cash for vital brain tumour research.

Even better, organise a free collection box for your business premises, school or shop.  It’s a great way to publicise the charity as every box or recycling bag carries the Brain Tumour Research logo.

Convert Scrap to Money for Research

You may be surprised to learn that there’s an easy way to dispose of an old car and give money to Brain Tumour Research at the same time!  Collection of your car can be arranged free of charge by visiting this salvage company’s website  Save yourself money, time and hassle whilst raising valuable funds.  If there’s any value to the car, it’s sold at auction and a percentage donation is made to us.

Send an E-card and Raise Money

There’s now an added incentive to buy your greetings cards online.  Take a look at and you’ll find a wide choice of cards for any occasion.  Your purchase boosts the fund, so the more cards you send, the more we raise.

Pennies make Pounds

Put one of our polybox collecting boxes in your office, shop, bar or club and watch those pennies mount up.

Derek Rose, a brain tumour patient from Shenfield in Essex is a fabulous ambassador for Brain Tumour Research.  In his business – Roses Bakery – he displays our posters and helps to spread awareness of this dreadful disease to his customers and the desperate need for much more research.  In doing so he has successfully managed to raise hundreds of pounds just from the polyboxes on the counter in his bakery.  Thank  you  Derek.

Send an email to if you can help us place a collection box in your area.







Wondering How You Can Donate?

If you would like to donate on-line please visit our Just Giving page at Please also let us have your postal and email address so we can send you our newsletter.

By Text

  • 100% of your donation is given to Brain Tumour Research
  • Your text message is free on all networks
  • It's quick and easy to donate

Just text 70070 then RSCH09 followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 (if you’d like to donate more - repeat the exercise until you have reached the monthly maximum donation amount of £30).

You will receive a text with a Gift Aid form which will allow you to boost your donation by a further 25% if you are a UK tax payer.

By Debit or Credit Card
If you would prefer to donate over the phone just ring 01296 733011 during office hours and have your card to hand.

Through a Bank or Building Society
If you would like to pay in to a local bank or building society ring the team on 01296 733011 and we will organise to send you a paying in slip.

By Post
Please send your cheque made payable to `Brain Tumour Research' to:

Brain Tumour Research
The Business Centre
Padbury Hill Farm
MK18 2BN

Brain Tumour Research can claim 25p on every £1 donated - please complete and return a Gift Aid Form with your donation.

Print a Gift Aid Form

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