Host for Hope with a summer party

Not into the Game On! footie campaign? Not to worry, you can still enjoy a great gathering with our classic summer party panner campaign: A recipe for success!

Welcome to the classic Host for Hope campaign. Whether you're planning a ‘dine and donate’ evening or hosting a ‘cash for coffee’ morning or perhaps a ‘tenner at teatime’ party, the following materials – posters, recipes, menu cards, place settings, invitations and press release templates – can all be downloaded to maximise the success of your Host for Hope get together. Thank you for your support and have a great gathering! 

If you want any more information please call us on 01296 733011 or email

Want to get the media to cover your Host for Hope event? Take a look at our press release templates here.


Celebrity Chef Recipes


Alain Roux: Tarte Des Demoiselles Tatin









Vivek Singh: Dry Spice Crusted Sea Bream Wrapped In Banana Leaf

 Adam Byatt: Beef Short Rib & Onion Cottage Pie










Felipe Fuentes Cruz: Mexican Feast! A special five-recipe-card extravaganza

James Martin: Croissant Butter Pudding









Other Fundraising Materials

  • We've created some special special Host for Hope Merchandise - Aprons, Tea Towels, Oven Glove and Mugs - full details can be found here and from the link at the top this page
  • We also have balloons to add colour and bounce to any party, and plenty of pin badges and wristbands for you to sell during your Host for Hope event – you can order your balloons, badges and bands by calling 01296 733011 or email
  • We can provide Brain Tumour Research collection boxes and buckets too – again, just a quick call or email and we can sort out all your needs
  • And we’ve also got Brain Tumour Research Baseball Caps and T-shirts – Sarah as always will be happy to take your order – just call anytime 01296 733011 between 9am and 5pm and if for some reason you are fed through to our answer service, please leave a message and we will get back to you, we promise!

Getting the media involved

Most of the fundraising events people hold for us come about because of personal experiences with or connections to someone who has been affected by a brain tumour. It’s these stories which when featured in local news truly inspire people to donate and motive others to get involved and help fund the fight.

No matter where you’re based, the local media are always interested in a good news story where an individual or group has raised money for vital research.

So here are some templates for use in getting your message out there to the media. Simply edit and delete where indicated on these templates, then save and send to your local newspaper, TV or radio station. A quick search on Google should help you find the relevant contacts for media in your area.

Host for Hope Pre-event PR Template

Host for Hope Post-event PR Template

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