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Welcome to 'Host for Hope' –
your fun summer party planner
to fundraise for Brain Tumour

Host for Hope encourages people to
get together for food and drink whilst
supporting a fantastic cause. It's a great 
opportunity to invite your friends, family or
work colleagues to a social gathering whilst
asking them to bring a fiver (or more!) to help 
fund desperately needed research into this devastating 

Dinner date, tea for ten, coffee and cake, brilliant BBQ, garden gig, perfect picnic or a big breakfast, plan the event you’d like to host, pick a date and a venue – home, village hall, school, restaurant or pub – and decide the minimum charge for your guests to join the party.

Whether it’s £5 for a coffee morning or £50 a head for a black tie dinner and dance, all funds raised go to support our sustainable and continuous scientific research into finding the causes of and establishing better treatments for brain tumours at our Centres of Excellence

To help you plan a brilliant event, we’ve put together some great downloadable fundraising materials for you, including posters, recipes, menu cards, place settings, invitations and press release templates. We have a range of merchandise materials including pin badges, wristbands, baseball caps and tshirts that can be sold during your event as well. And you could also hold a raffle or an auction for example, and invite a local business to sponsor the event or donate prizes. Host for Hope is a fun way of increasing awareness and raising money for an often overlooked form of cancer.

So: put a date in your diary, invite some guests and develop your plans to Host for Hope – from baking cakes for your coffee morning to getting out the recipe books for your dinner party! 

We are the only national charity in the UK dedicated to putting 100% of the funds we raise from our campaigns into supporting sustainable and continuous scientific research into brain tumours at our Centres of Excellence. Our mission is to raise £7million a year to fund seven centres around the UK. Brain tumours have received less than 1% of national cancer research spending in the UK over the last 10 years. We think this is shocking – brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under the age of 40 in the UK. That’s why we need your help; why we all need to pull together and help find a cure. And why not have some fun at the same time!

Don’t forget, your support will bring hope to the thousands of individuals diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK each year, as well as their families and friends.

Please keep in touch and let us know what you’re planning! Share your party news and photos with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. And if you’re on Twitter, please include @braintumourrsch and #HostForHope in your tweets. Thanks!


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