Give our Christmas Cards, Host a Christmas Gift Party
… Give Hope

Christmas provides another great opportunity to raise funds to support our dedicated centres of brain tumour research and to help us improve outcomes for the thousands of patients and their families living with the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

It’s also a brilliant way of spreading the word and raising the awareness of this dreadful disease, as every card has our logo and a sentence about why people should support our cause.

We have some great ways you can help us to raise much needed funds and awareness over the Christmas season:

  • Buy your own Christmas cards from our carefully selected range.
  • Ask us for a mixed box of Christmas cards that you can keep at home and sell to all your friends and family when they pop round.
  • Host a Christmas gift event, ask your friends who make jewellery or cakes, or who sell beauty products, clothes or gifts to take a table and let everyone know our Christmas cards will be available for sale too.  Make a night of it and request a donation in return for drinks or supper, while holding a raffle which includes an item from each of your friends’ tables.
  • Ask your child’s school, your workplace or social club if they will take a box to sell.
  • Approach your company and see if they will send Brain Tumour Research cards this year.
  • Show your support with a pen or badge. With all those cards to sign you’ll need a new pen for sure!  And every time you sign you’ll know you’ve done your bit to help put an end to brain tumours.
  • Sell our pens and badges alongside the Christmas cards.

Christmas cards are just £3 per pack of 10 for the smaller sizes and £4 per pack of 10 for the larger ones.

Proceeds from the sale of our Christmas cards are approx £2 per pack and will go directly to funding much needed brain tumour research and help us find a cure for this most devastating of diseases, which kills more children and people under the age of 40 than any other cancer.

To order your Christmas cards and pay over the phone please ring the office on 01296 733011 using the handy order form here.

Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to Brain Tumour Research to

Brain Tumour Research
The Business Centre
Padbury Hill Farm
MK18 2BN

You can download posters for your Christmas card event here.

Find posters to sell our Christmas cards here.

Contact if you would like us to send you a stock of Christmas cards, badges and pens to sell on our behalf.

If you, or the organisation you work for, prefer to send personalised Christmas cards, you can check out what is on offer at Up to 50p per card is given directly to Brain Tumour Research.  Go online, choose your design, select the card, personalise it, preview, select quantity, add to order and choose Brain Tumour Research as your selected charity on the order form… It’s that simple.

Two Golden Retrievers in Snow

Ref: C0355
98mm x 130mm
£3 per pack of 10


Three Kings

Ref: C7654
83mm x 165mm
£3 per pack of 10


The Nativity

Ref: C2463
121mm x 121mm
£3 per pack of 10

Santa & Gifts

Ref: C0340
83mm x 165mm
£3 per pack of 10 


Manger Scene

Ref: C6055
83mm x 165mm
£3 per pack of 10


Kitten playing with Gifts

Ref: C9007
98mm X 130mm
£3 per pack of 10


Robin on Spade Handle

Ref: C8679
121mm x 121mm
£3 per pack of 10

Christmas Village

Ref: C8813
121mm x 121mm
£3 per pack of 101mm


Christmas Penquins

Ref: C7666
98mm X 130mm
£3 per pack of 10


Ref: C9133
121mm x 121mm
£3 per pack of 10

Christmas Baubles

Ref: CA0830
137mm x 137mm
£4 per pack of 10


Ref: CA0673
137mm x 137mm
£4 per pack of 10

Arrival at Bethlehem

Ref: C7435 
86mm x 228mm
£4 per pack of 10

12 days of Christmas

Ref: CA4077
137mm x 137mm
£4 per pack of 10


Ref: CA0671
137mm x 137mm
£4 per pack of 10


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